Here’s the official CHECK LIST FOLKS! AHHHHH – I’m doing it! I’m really going to do it. There’s been a few things that I’ve wanted to try and I decided that I’m going to go for it and get crazy this winter. Ok… most are not SO crazy – just that LAST ONE.


 1. Dark Lipstick – and I’m talking DARK. I’m actually going to purchase THIS lipstick photographed above. It’s MAC Sin Lipstick (Pro).


2. Cavier Nails: I keep forgetting to actually BUY this polish by Crate. But yes – this one is on my list for sure.


3. Green bottom eyeliner: I actually wore this already but it wasn’t as pronounced as I’d like. I’m going to do it again but do it RIGHT.


4. Red Hair: Seriously I think the blonde days are numbered. I was red for many years before I went blonde and I keep feeling like it’s time for a change. But I would go DEEP dark red.

Now it’s your turn – what are some things you’d like to try out this winter???

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