boy_scout_photoLiam and Bill went off to their first Cub Scout pack meeting last night in full uniform and I couldn’t STAND IT. It’s just oh-so-cute! I wish I took a picture of Bill because guess what? He signed up as a den leader. That man has a uniform too! Ha!!!

Natalie has been a girl scout for many, many years and Liam has been patiently waiting to age into the Boy Scout family… and it finally happened. Such a treat for us all. He had to memorize a handful of Cub Scout sayings and gestures for this pack meeting. So, for the las week, Liam has been walking around chanting their motto with pride.

I can’t wait for all the fun getaways to start. Camping trips and all that jazz… I’ll watch from afar though. Camping seems fun in theory. It’s not something I want to do personally… but I could see why a 6 year old boy would enjoy it.

Do you have children in the Cub Scouts or the Boy Scouts? What are some activities they’ve done that really stand out in your mind?

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