My boy just turned 9 months old. It’s been a slow climb back down to reality but I am getting there. I’m actually in no rush because I don’t want to WORK AT IT. But the truth is… I was sick and tired of having to buy new clothes each season. I just needed to lose enough weight to squeeze into my old jeans. And if I’m being honest only SOME JEANS FIT – not all of them. These are holding on for their dear lives. BUT THEY ARE ON PEOPLE! Will the button last until the end of the day? Maybe – maybe not? Time will tell.


Still – it’s all smoke and mirrors at this point. If I am wearing a tight waist then I have to wear a loose top and this scoop wrap blouse is just perfect. You can’t tell at all what is going on in my mid-region. 🙂 I paired it with C Wonder booties and lots of fun gold chunky jewelry.


I know I should change it up every once in a while with some silver… but it will never happen. I am a creature of habit.

Here’s the breakdown in case you want to replicate a piece or two:

wrap shirt and booties

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