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Are you ready for this people? Because I still can’t HANDLE IT ALL.

On Saturday, we had a play date with two families – 6 kids in all (7 if you count Caleb — guess I should start counting Caleb). It always gets crazy. In the mist of it all, my son stepped on Natalie’s foot while running around. She started crying… no … wailing and wouldn’t walk for the rest of the night. Instead, she began to mimic one of the zombies from The Walking Dead without legs. Dragging herself along the floor while continuing to play throughout the night. The parents all laughed it off as her being dramatic.

In fact – we considered enrolling her into acting classes.

Fast forward three days and the girl was still limping. Limping but smiling and laughing and playing and being normal. But limping all the same.

On Tuesday, I decided that it was time to FINALLY get her foot checked out. She was supposed to go to dance class and I knew she couldn’t do any of that. So, we went to one of those walk-in clinics for an x-ray simply to PROVE TO HER THAT IT WAS NOTHING.

Well, guess what? It wasn’t nothing. When the doctor came back and told us that her foot had a fracture I almost started to cry. All the blood left my face and I just about collapsed.

What? What do you mean? Her foot is really injured?

For the last three days I’ve been telling her to stop faking the limp and to cut it out. I was so SURE that she was being dramatic. I mean… Liam just stepped on her foot. All the kids confirmed. It couldn’t have been that bad of an injury, right? Boy was I wrong. I ran back into the room where she was waiting and I got down on my knees and I hugged her and told her I was sorry. She started hysterically crying because I didn’t believe her. She kept saying – “you didn’t believe me mommy”. OH MY GOD! KILL ME!

We are on our way to get Natalie a cast and I’m on my way to pick up my “Worst Mom of Year Award”.

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