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Yesterday, I spent the entire day in the city manning the TJMaxx / Marshalls Holiday Hotline. It’s still going on right now by the way!! If you want to call up to get shopping advice, pick up that phone and dial 1855-404-GIFT.

Anyway, I wanted to be comfortable because my shift was from 9 to 5. I opted for a loose fitting beige sweater, jeans and my Tory Burch knee high boots.

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Now… here’s the thing about those boots. I haven’t been able to wear them in over 9 months. I don’t know if it was water weight or just regular baby weight but I couldn’t get the zipper to close on the top of the boot. It was straight up torture. At BEST, I would be able to zip them up half way — and HOW COULD I LEAVE THE HOUSE LIKE THAT?

Honestly – most of my knee high boots still don’t fit me! This third baby certainly did a number on me. But yesterday that all changed. I was able (with a little elbow grease) to get those puppies CLOSED.

Are you looking to snag a pair of Tory Burch boots? I have been hunting for a black pair and came up with three different styles to share:


1. Tory Burch ‘Brita’ Bootie Womens Black // 2. Tory Burch ‘Hendin’ Wedge Boot Womens Black // 3. Tory Burch Bristol Riding Boot

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