Oh yeah baby — that’s right! Ice cream and candy canes topped with Nilla wafers. It just doesn’t get better than this!! I’m pretty sure Nilla passed around a newsletter with this recipe in it. I didn’t make this up. I saw this somewhere first and it’s been quietly living in my brain for weeks. Well, last night — we went to TOWN.

nilla_candy_caneHere’s what you need:

1 oversized storage bag

1 spoon and bowl

2 candy canes

Handful of Nilla Wafers

Your favorite ice cream

Take the candy canes and place them in your storage bag. Close it up and smash it with a spoon until the pieces are broken down. Transfer to bowl. Meanwhile make your ice cream sandwiches.



Roll the ice cream sandwiches in the candy cane pieces… and enjoy! Serve immediately! This is not a dessert you want laying around. They melt pretty quickly.


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