That is IT. I made a spreadsheet folks and it has formulas everywhere which means that I am SERIOUS. Sure there are plenty of programs out there that pretty much do the same exact thing but in an automated fashion and with one click of a button. But what’s the fun in THAT? Statistics was my favorite class in college. Sit me down with Excel and close the door baby. Fun for hours! WA-HOO.

Am I overselling this? I’m trying really hard because I want to get you excited about maybe getting it all in order too.

The truth is… and I am about to confess something that I have never really owned up to before in my life … I don’t really know where I stand financially. I make money. Bill handles money. The heat and the lights are on. We go on vacation. Life is good.

Well, that attitude sucks and I realize that now. When I turned 36 some virtual brick hit me in the face and I realized that I’m not a college student anymore and it’s REALLY TIME TO GET IT TOGETHER. So, everything needs to be tracked. And I mean everything. I already told Bill that there are two things I won’t budget out — and that’s heat and Starbucks.

Sorry Papi! Not gonna happen. But everything else is fair game.

So, in order to get to where we need to be we have to actual know where we stand. I spent today building out a little template to use and filled in all our credit card info and what we owe. I also wanted to include finance / late fee charges because those really add up and are unnecessary expenses we can avoid. If we see it every month – maybe we will get it together and try to get rid of them once and for all.

JOIN ME MY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Burn that debt. Curb that spending. Know where you stand. You don’t have to make a spreadsheet. Go and buy Quicken or Mint or one of the other billion tools out there that are available online. PS I own Quicken — go figure.

I’m actually excited about it all. I hope it makes a difference!!!!

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