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Yum and Yum. Honestly, I wish I was the girl who could have a salad for lunch and be satisfied but I much rather have…. ANYTHING ELSE. I’m so not a salad person. There are a few places that provide exceptions.

A local Italian restaurant called Mama T’s on Long Island makes a mean Chicken Salad that is to DIE for.

Hale and Hearty has a “make your own” salad set up and I create something that I love when I go there but it ends up costing me almost $12.

And then…. there’s this. Noodles and Company has this Chinese Chicken Salad on the menu and I swear to you it is my absolute favorite salad. There is nothing wrong with it.

I’m not going to go on and on but I will say this. Just try it. If you have  Noodles and Company near you go and give their Chinese Chicken Salad a shot. It costs around $9 including tax and is worth every penny. I NEVER eat my full plate of anything. In fact, that’s my form of a diet. Eat half and take the other half home for lunch tomorrow. But I can’t do that with this salad. I can’t stop eating it. I just finish the whole thing. I freaking LOVE IT.

So, today’s #365Grateful post is about finding a salad that I actually enjoy. WAHOO! Only took me 36 years to do it.

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