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Bill and I are heading to the Caribbean to some place WARM and FABULOUS and I didn’t have to use a single brain cell while booking the entire trip. I  have to be honest with you — I’m usually the girl who searches online scanning countless websites for deals. I pretty much need a vacation after the entire planning / booking portion of the trip is over. It’s always so intense because I’m always so thorough.

Well, for this trip I put Liberty Travel in control and BOY was it a breeze. 

I walked into my local Garden City Liberty Travel (about 5 blocks from my house) and said, “I want to go to Sandals in the Caribbean in January on a direct flight for 5  days with my husband” and then let my travel consultant do the rest. Within about 10 minutes, I had 3 women talking to me about their PERSONAL experiences with each of the properties – -INCLUDING what the weather would typically be like in January. I hadn’t thought about that! One Sandals Resort was on the top of my list and I didn’t realize that in January it was Spring-Like weather. We immediately removed that one from our minds.

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So right off the bat I learned that Liberty Travel offers:

Personal experiences from travelers (in fact one woman just returned from visiting 4 Sandals properties the day before!!)

Convenience (multiple locations – in neighborhoods all over the Continental US)

Ease (no surge of caffeine needed for me – all the work was being done by the consultant. I just sat back and listened.)

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After we talked  in detail about several properties (and not from a brochure – from the travel consultant’s personal experiences) we narrowed it down to TWO. Now it was time to talk money and flight convenience – the last determining factors.  Allison – our wonderful travel consultant – printed out several options for us to view and it became very obvious that ANTIGUA worked best for our budget. Since I am reviewing this property for Liberty Travel, my airfare is taken care of but we have to pay for my husband’s way. Just because I am a “NEED TO KNOW” kinda gal – I searched online to see if I could get a better deal for my husband’s airline ticket and COULD NOT. So, that made me really HAPPY!!

I couldn’t get a better deal.

Bye Bye long hours of late night searches for discounted tickets!! Now, I’m just going to head to Liberty Travel because it’s the same price in the end minus me losing my marbles for days on end during the hunt and conquer stage.

Full disclosure. I literally sat in Liberty Travel and did nothing when booking this trip. Here’s a little virtual reenactment:

I want it to be warm. 

I don’t want to fly too long. 

I want things to do besides just sit on the beach.

I want lots of restaurants. 

And Allison – the wizard of Liberty Travel – just rolled with it. She kept tweaking her answers based on my needs / wants. It was amazing. Caleb was in my arms, a Starbucks tea was at my lips and Bill was by my side — it was just too easy.



I cannot reiterate how AWESOME my experience was booking my Sandals vacation at Liberty Travel. In the end, we decided on Sandals Grande Antigua. Here is a quick overview of WHY we thought this was the best property for our NO-KID escape.

11 Restaurants (woot woot)

Set on Antigua’s best beach

Voted the World’s Leading Honeymoon Resort

Two unique village experiences

6 pools with the Eastern Caribbean’s largest

Unlimited land & water sports + scuba diving

7 bars serving unlimited premium liquors

Butler Service included in top-tier suites

Red Lane® Spa

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Want more information on Sandals Grande Antigua? Check it out!!

* Liberty Travel is sending me to Sandals Grande Antigua to review the property.

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