My husband and I stopped going out on Valentine’s day because the prices in NYC city triple that weekend. And we (as a city) are priced SO HIGH to begin with! So… instead we do special little things at home. One tradition we hold onto is starting off the morning with a romantic breakfast. You know, surrounded by our three kids. LOL!

Here are 9 great Valentine’s Day breakfast recipe ideas to consider for February 14th!!

1. Quick and Easy Valentine’s Day Breakfast (here) // 2. Baked Donut Recipe – Vanilla and Sweet Hearts // 3. True Love Pancakes (here) / 4. Valentine’s Day Toast Cups (here) // 5. Fresh Raspberry Muffins (here) // 6. Two-toned Heart Pancakes (here) //7. Heart Cinnamon Rolls (here) // 8. Strawberry Greek Yogurt (here)  // 9. Lace Heart Pancakes (here)

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