So much fun!! I’ve teamed up with 3 other bloggers who I simple adore – Audrey, Whitney & Melissa – to create a new series called Pinspiration. Once a week (on Tuesday), we are going to find a trend or a recipe or a fitness routine or a… you get the drift… and we will replicate it on our blog! It’s all about getting inspired and trying something new. Who knows? Maybe it will stick?!

So, full disclosure — I couldn’t get it together to bake something which is what I REALLY wanted to do. Instead, I decided to look up a beauty trend. I found a ton of red nails rocking a single glitter stand alone.


photo (3)


And here we are! I used CoverGirl’s Seared Bronzed Glosstinis. So EASY. Here’s a secret — have a nail that has chipped polish? Paint that one instead.

** photo credit -- here, here, and here

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