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Have a budget/ getting my finances in order / “2014 is all about understanding where we stand” UPDATE:

I tried for a while to use the spreadsheet I created but it just didn’t cut it. I needed to know what was in my bank account too and that couldn’t be pulled in automatically which was a BIG PROBLEM. It got old fast. I ended up spending around $40 on Quicken and so far so good.

Few issues.

There’s no way to see when the bill is DUE for the credit cards. 

As far as I can tell, you can’t pay bills through Quicken. (Though I thought I read somewhere that you can)

I’m having a hard time linking two of my credit cards. So, my snapshot is incomplete. 

I LITERALLY just downloaded it and need some more time to play around — but so far so good. I like Quicken because it also breaks down your purchases by category.  What a bonus!! You can see how much you spent on dining, groceries, gifts etc. NICE TO KNOW! In other words, my spreadsheet was a bust.

I need two more days to really get it set up correctly and running seamlessly. Once we are rolling, I have a feeling that we will be back on track.

What do you use to track all your finances???

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