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We started a chore chart that is actually WORKING. It involves tickets – a point system if you will. And there’s a give and take. So they can earn tickets and I can take them away too (and when that happens it’s like it’s THE END OF THE WORLD).

I WISH I could link to the woman who created these charts because then I could literally SHOW you what I am doing. My friend only had the actual downloads and didn’t remember where she found the images. So, I don’t want to post everything without giving the creator credit.

I will hunt a bit more and try to find the original blogger.

The graphic that she created needed some adjustments for the Sweeney household. On the original graphic, I was supposed to give 2 tickets when my children brushed their teeth. I don’t know… in my eyes, they should be doing that every day. No reward! That’s part of life!

So – I went out and bought labels and wrote over the ones that I disagreed with and instead put things like:

Eat dinner without complaining (PLEASE JUST ONE NIGHT)

Don’t play games or watch YouTube for an entire day

Imagine – an entire meal without a single complaint from the children? I wouldn’t even know how to handle it!! It’s been three days and I’m not going to pretend that our lives have changed – but it’s been pretty awesome. Kids are begging to clean the table and fill the dishwasher. So, we are on the right path.

And my Liam is SO OBSESSED by the way – he wants ALL THE TICKETS. It’s hilarious! You get extra tickets for doing more reading or math practice after school and you know he is all over it. This is one challenge my boy is up for.


I’m the one who is taking it a bit too far. I went and got the images laminated at Kinkos ($13). Then I bought each child a jar and bought stickers to decorate the jars, chalk to write their names on the stickers, the tickets to distribute, clips to attach to the walls, labels to cover the tasks I don’t like, dry erasers and markers… you get the drift. If we are still doing this on Sunday I will be surprised. LOL.

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