Last night, I was asked to speak on a panel about the power of social media to a room filled with Momtrepreneurs. These opportunities don’t usually come up in my neck of the woods. Long Island is many things but relevant to my work??? Not so much! It was a cold pitch  – hadn’t previously met the women putting on the event. However, I said yes because:

a) I wanted to see who else would be on the panel and hopefully make new and local connections

b) see my friend Lyss

c) help out my community in any way that I could

I got SO LOST getting there which is an entirely different story. The FOG that was rolling over my car was pretty much ripped out of the intro of any horror movie you’ve ever seen that started in the woods. I mean, it was cr-az-y. I kept wanting to pull over to take pictures of it. But then Jason would have come out from behind a tree and killed me. So, naturally I kept driving.

Anyway – I finally made it and the event was fantastic. They must have had 60 women who had their own businesses and who wanted to understand how social media could benefit their lives/ bottom line. There’s just so much to say on this matter – I could have talked for 6 hours straight. It’s endless really. I tried to give what I thought were the greatest takeaways to the group. I HOPE I HELPED – even in a small way!

Who else was on the panel you ask?

Lyss Stern – Diva Moms

Carrie Kerpen – Likeable Media

Beth Granger – Beth Granger Consulting


Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 9.10.21 AM


Thank you to everyone who attended the Mom Time Event last night and to the founders – Cynthia Litman and Amanda Khalil – for allowing me to be part of the fun!!

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