FINALLY – I can show you my basement! Remember that disastrous nightmare I showed you a while back? MY basement as it WAS. What an embarrassment! Well we’ve been happily living in organized bliss ever since Easy Closets came into our lives.

Bill was able to put it together with no trouble at all. The kids helped me separate their toys out into TYPE and it’s STAYED that way for WEEKS.


Here are two videos I shot with the Easy Closets team that I would love for you to check out:

(why we decided to team up with Easy Closets)

(how our house functions now that we can use our basement)

I said in one of the videos that this edit to our house was truly “life changing” and I absolutely mean it! Everything is simple different now that the chaos has disappeared and the only thing that Bill and I keep saying to each other is…. “WHAT TOOK US SO LONG?”

To check out what Easy Closets has to offer you – click here.

* I teamed up with Easy Closets to help promote their home renovation series.

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