This post is for all the moms like me out there who have children that WILL NOT STOP SINGING THIS SONG. Disney’s Frozen Let It Go repeats 24 hours a day. My daughter sings it in HER SLEEP. Do you understand what I am saying? We are a Disney obsessed house normally – YES. It is true. But this movie… something about this movie simply MOVED my daughter.

Obsessed is an understatement.

Natalie knows the words by heart (and in 30 languages at this point I believe). But if you have kids that are still learning the lyrics – check out this version of Disney’s Frozen Let It Go. The words are right in the video to make it easy for our little ones to … SING ALONG (all day long and night and morning and in their sleep and on the bus and in the car and during breakfast…. AHHHHHHHHH)

Your welcome… (or I’m sorry)

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