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I was complaining on Facebook a few weeks ago about all of the junk mail I receive in my inbox. You see – I have a bit of an issue. Because I am a blogger (and one that owns 4 sites), companies just ADD ME TO THEIR NEWSLETTER. Yes — it’s true. PR firms, mom and pop shops, TV promo agencies – WHOEVER and WHATEVER – they get my email and they just add it to their distribution list. It’s absolutely illegal… but sadly it’s part of the game.

I get hundreds and hundreds of emails of day and I’m not exaggerating. I stretch the truth quite a bit in real life. But this is the absolute real deal. At least 500 emails a day. And that is the NORM. Press releases, requests, invites – you name it. And I need to look at them all – even at a glance because I don’t want to miss out on anything GOOD. But MY GOODNESS I lose my mind day in and day out.

So like I said – I was venting on Facebook and someone pointed me to Unroll.Me. Never heard of it.  Apparently, this site was made for people like me. You don’t want to unsubscribe – but you don’t want a clogged up inbox either.

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Once a day, I get a pretty little email that has all the emails I don’t want to see living on their own. I can click on the thumbnail to enlarge the email or I can just delete the entire thing. LIFE CHANGING.

I can also UNSUBSCRIBE from all the emails that I am subscribed to from one screen. When I logged in, found that I was subscribed to over 500 emails. Are you freaking kidding me? That is insane.

So. Life changing – like I said. You have to check it out and get your inbox back in control. Digital Bliss.

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