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I seriously can’t get enough of my boy’s belly. He drives me crazy! No matter how many times I pull his shirt down — somehow it always ends up like this. HA! I’m not complaining… believe me. 😉

Another tooth came in for Caleb and he looks hilarious and out of proportion. One top tooth and two bottom. But now he can chew things much easier which means we have moved onto all types of different food. We’ve gotten to the stage where I can actually feed him what the family is eating for dinner. SO EASY!!

My #365grateful posts have been dwindling on the blog – I know. But I’ve been keeping up with them on Instagram and Twitter!! I think it’s more of a social media share — quick and easy. I will post them every now and then on LATB. But you will find the daily pics all on Instagram really. Did I mention I’m obsessed?

What are you grateful for today??

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