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I’ve showed you a few ways to enjoy Hershey’s Spreads so far — on sweets and on fruit. Yum and Yum. But did you ever think to make a sandwich? It’s one of my favorite ways by FAR! Oh man – I do it at least once a week and it is an absolute treat!!

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Yes, I use my kids’ plates when I eat lunch. So what? 🙂

Two tablespoons of Herhsey’s Spreads will run you about 190 calories. This is pretty much the same amount that is found in peanut butter! So, don’t feel like you are splurging with this sweet treat. It’s like cheating… without cheating. Can you stand it?!

Hershey’s Spreads come in three different flavors – chocolate, chocolate with hazelnut and chocolate with almonds. Get creative and combine them with your favorite snacks to create a brand new flavor sensation.

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And if you are looking for some fun recipes, Hershey’s created a page filled with suggestions guaranteed to make your mouth water. Check it out here!!

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