I saw my first grey hair at age 29. I was kind of excited to see it. The reality is that women’s attitudes towards aging have changed over the decades. We can celebrate the progression of our lives and the added wisdom that comes with that. Society now allows us to either fully embrace the signs of aging or get up and do something about it. Clairol’s new Age Defy is offering women the option of doing just that. Clairol Age Defy is encouraging the conversation of anti-aging from a different perspective.

IMG_4680I attended the launch of Clairol’s Age Defy Expert Collection and learned some interesting things about aging from psychologist and aging expert, Vivian Diller. I learned that most women don’t have a problem aging. They tend to have issues with the association of aging with a lack of attractiveness. In other words, society pushes the belief that women become less attractive with age. A strong of sense of confidence helps us navigate life in an easier manner. Without that, we are less likely to jump at opportunities, advocate for ourselves and (a biggie) date. For those women who experience this, it’s not worth it to preach a rhetoric of embracing oneself if they simply aren’t emotionally there. Anti-aging products can give a woman that extra boost in confidence.  Clairol Age Defy offers a hair color treatment that is specifically anti-aging. It covers the greys and allows less time between touch-ups at the salon. It can leave your hair healthy and full of shine and body, like if the clock has been turned back.


James Corbett, the Clairol color director, talked extensively about feeling confident in one’s skin and taking easy steps to get there. The at-home coloring system is super easy to use and gives salon results. He shared that he often recommends this to his clients in his salon. Most stylists discourage at-home coloring because it means less salon visits and less dinero for them. James said he is not one of those. If women can extend the time between their visits on their own, they save money and are happy spending when it’s necessary.


Clairol Age Defy is the ideal coloring system for covering stubborn greys and achieving a healthy texture in the comfort of your home. Click here to read more about it.

Tabitha St. Bernard

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