How did you spend your Valentine’s Day? Dinner, dancing, a little weekend getaway? Sure, these are amazing and wonderful ways to do it. No doubt about it. But what if you just couldn’t do all of that? You couldn’t leave the kids? You are tight with cash? You’re just beat and want to do nothing. What if you actually just didn’t want to do all of that? What if all you really wanted from your love was to just laze around the house, talking and spending time with each other? That’s great as well, and I’m a huge fan of it. That’s pretty much what Bill and I did…and it was great!

We woke up early (as if with 3 kids there is any other way) and just the morning enjoying the time. We sipped some coffee, had some bagels, and just lounged about. It was great, we put off work, we put off chores, listened to some music, we just were.  The little care package we received really fit the bill. The mugs are super cute and large enough to satiate me. The K-Cup is a Godsend, and you know how we love our Starbucks. Even the music, Sweetheart by Starbucks, was really great with songs from Vampire Weekend, Fiona Apple (I love, love, love her), Beck, Ben Harper and a bunch more. I really stated the morning and the day off just right.


Here’s a little bit about the coffee. Bill REALLY loves the new Blonde coffees.

  • Starbucks® Bright Sky Blend K-Cup® Packs

Bright Sky features lightly roasted Latin American beans and is mild and nutty with a touch of acidity that culminates into a crisp and pleasant finish. This careful balance creates a well-rounded roast that’s bound to give your day an optimistic start.

  • Starbucks® Aria Blend K-Cup® Packs

We gently roasted this blend from Latin America and East Africa to create a full flavor that’s surprisingly layered. The lighter roast reveals the juicy lemony notes we love to discover in African coffee, followed by a crisp finish courtesy of the Latin American beans.

One (1) lucky Lady and the Blog reader will receive the following:

  • one red Valentine’s Day Mug,
  • one Sweetheart 2014 CD
  • and one box of each Starbucks K-Cup® flavor above

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