My number-one mess maker and I were psyched to attend Swiffer’s launch party for the new Sweep and Trap Swiffer yesterday. Moms, Dads, and a bunch of kids arrived at Make Meaning on the Upper East Side to try out some messy crafts, eat a lot of Swiffer-themed sweets AND get a private performance by Jewel!



The kids were given Swiffer aprons and were encouraged to have fun decorating cookies, making candy necklaces, designing glitter tattoos AND to make a huge mess while doing so! Then the moms (including Jewel, mom to a little boy herself) tried the new Swiffer Sweep and Trap which picks up both big pieces of stuff like cereal and tiny pesky pieces of glitter in it’s removable bin. I can definitely see this Swiffer getting some use around our home. My son is already calling it “his” Swiffer, so I’m hopeful I can trick him into cleaning up more often.



Jewel gave a private performance of her version of the “The Clean Up Song.” (available for download soon If only my son knew of the angst-ridden teenage moments I spent locked in my room listening to Jewel’s first album! She complimented him on his candy necklace and he told her his daddy was a musician, too. We’ll be listening to our download of “The Clean Up Song” next time we’re cleaning for sure!

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 7.23.47 AM


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