Easter is right around the corner and this EASY food craft is just perfect for little kids. Carrots in mud is such a fun edible little project — I am sure the whole family will enjoy this one. Besides, once you are done making it… you get to eat it! You can’t beat that, right?! Crushed up Oreos, some pudding and a few gummies is all you need to get this party started — enjoy!!

You will need:
Chocolate pudding cups and some vanilla
Carrot gummies (these are from Giant)

Place some vanilla pudding in the bottom of your container / cup
Place chocolate pudding on top
Crumble your Oreo cookie without the icing (can be done in a bowl with an ice cream scooper)
Place your carrot gummy into the chocolate pudding
Sprinkle some Oreo crumbs all over the top

Did I MENTION this would be EASY?!

Enjoy! Your kids are going to love making this – and you are going to love how stress free your afternoon is going to be. Promise!




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