Last week, I was invited to attend this year’s The Digital Kids Conference by KidzVuz. After all, I have a digital kid of my own. My daughter Natalie has her own blog. So, the topic peaked my interest to say the least.  

Wanted to point out some of the top takeaways from the chat.

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Vuforia, the latest and greatest from Qualcomm, showed us how amazing coloring can be with their new technology. colAR Mix (Puteko) is an app that allows our drawings to come to life with the help of an tablet. Simply have your children color whatever they’d like in their coloring book (must use ones that work with the app) and then point the tablet to see motion in art! Here’s a video showing it in action: 

My daughter knew ALL ABOUT THIS coloring book when I showed it to her. Apparently, they use this in her school. 

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Digital security has never been more important and Privo spoke about their part in the making children on the web safer.

Privo helps websites make sure they’re COPPA compliant, in part by giving them the tools they need to keep their kids safe. This year, they’re launching their Online Privacy Matters Campaign, hoping to educate, enable and protect your family’s online safety. They’re Global k [id] Network will make it easier for parents to know where they’re kids go online.  Cannot WAIT for this to happen!!

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Does your child struggle with telling time? My two kids need all the help they can get!! The Tic Toc Time app teaches kids to tell time in a fun and engaging way. It was named an App Store best of 2013 by Apple and I can see why. The games take a very different approach to how we all learned it in school.  Great for young kids!

I know you use apps. I just KNOW you do. We are constantly on the hunt for new finds. My children are obsessed! I hope you enjoyed my picks!!

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