For as long as we’ve known Molly Sims, she’s been a blonde. That’s her thing, right? Well, she took a major daring step with Nexxus Hair and changed her hair color to something drastically different! She did this to show how their new Color Assure Collection works wonders at preserving hair color and helping hair shine with health. 

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The Nexxus Color Assure Collection is designed to lock in your hair color longer. Usually, your color fades a bit every time you shampoo. With the Color Assure Collection, the water is locked out and your color is maintained for longer. The process starts with the Pre-Wash Primer. It contains White Orchid Oil, Almond Oil and Coconut Oil. These essential oils work to block water from entering the hair shaft. You spritz some on before you shampoo. Then, you wash with the Vibrancy Retention Shampoo and Conditioner. These are sulfate-free and work to cleanse and condition the hair. The next step is the Glossing Tonic. This is spritzed on to leave hair shiny and healthy with plenty of bounce. Each one of these products are priced below $20.

PicMonkey CollagecorrectSo Molly Sims took the challenge and went RED! It’s no surprise she looked flawless but she talked about the challenge of going red after 10 years as a blonde. She said she was nervous about making a change but thinks now is a good time. She loves all that is happening in hair color lately, with girls trying ombre and candy colors. It took her a minute to get used to the red. Once she realized she also needed to warm up her makeup, she loved it. Her husband hasn’t seen it yet so she’s dying to see his reaction.

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Preserving your hair color at home can be done with Nexxus Color Assure Collection. Click here to read more.

Tabitha St. Bernard

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