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I should have taken a better picture of my compete outfit — but this is all I have. Forgive me!

What a morning. I woke up at 4AM and was getting my make up touched up in the studio by 6AM. 20 segments later I didn’t know if I was coming or going. LOL! Satellite Media tours are fast paced and keep you on your toes. You have to dress for TV which means no wild prints or dangling jewelry. I had to be sure that whatever I wore would stay put and not blind the audience.

So – here’s what I decided to wear:



MARK Major Mix Necklace retails for $38

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Aqua Blouse — BUT WHAT? Yours doesn’t look like this?! You are right — my turquoise one isn’t online. Go to Bloomingdales to snag the one I am wearing.

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Here’s something similar

(Gap – Skinny Boot Cut $34-$59 depending on color choice)

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Rounded it all off with these C Wonder BOOTS.

PHEW! What am I wearing now? A ratty robe and my pjs! Rest of the day is on the couch with my babies. 🙂 Want more fashion picks – check out these great posts below.

** Meet Mark gifted me the necklace. C Wonder gifted me the boots.

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