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We are creatures of habit. Humans… my family in general. Sundays are particularly written in stone. There are three things that absolutely happen.

  1. We get Starbucks and Bagels for breakfast.
  2. We go to church.
  3. I coupon for beauty and health products.

Without fail.

The only time it doesn’t happen is if we are on vacation. My kids know it too!! They start barking out their orders as soon as Bill walks out of the bedroom. It’s actually kind of funny. I start clipping away as soon as I wake up and the kids both try to hide from me because neither one of them want to take the trip.

The only way I get them to come along is if I allow them to buy gum. GUM is the secret to ALL THINGS! hahahahahah

Anyway, I put up videos each Sunday about what I bought and how much I saved on my YouTube channel. You can check them out here.

What are your Sunday traditions?

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