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Totally DYING over this new app from American Greetings!! Your children can now create their own cards on their iPads and then YOU CAN SHIP IT TO WHOEVER YOU WANT. It’s a brand new and it’s called Creatacard.

Createacard connects little ones with the important people in their lives with the exclusive capability to have their special designs printed as real paper cards and mailed anywhere in the world.

It’s not just a digital design. American Greetings will then PRINT OUT whatever design is created. I am so excited! Let’s bring it back to where it all started, people!! How special did you feel when you used to get mail? Nowadays, it’s all about bills and junk mail, right? Well, Creatacard is the first and only iPad app that brings your child’s artwork to life as a professionally printed greeting card adorned with artwork, stickers, your own photos and more.

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Visit the iTunes App Store now to download it for free.

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