I’ve mentioned it a few times already on the blog, but I’ve been STRUCK DOWN BY THE FLU! I’m much better today — believe me! World of a difference and it’s all because of a little pill called Tamiflu.

The flu hit me in an instant last week. I picked my daughter up from the bus, sat down at the kitchen table, and then my body just collapsed. Instantly, I started to feel aches and pains all up and down my back and then became weak and exhausted. Understand what I am saying — this happened within 10 minutes. Before I knew it … I had a high fever, chills, pains, and night sweats. It was insane!

My husband insisted that I go to see the doctor but I didn’t go until Saturday morning. WHY ON EARTH I waited so long is BEYOND ME. Luckily, I was within the 48 hour mark and was given Tamiflu. 2 pills and I felt SO MUCH better.

Now… let me warn you. The flu test is rather uncomfortable. They have to shove these little swabs up your nose and into your BRAINS – ok just kidding but it’s pretty far up. It feels TOTALLY STRANGE and it makes your eyes tear. But it’s the only way to test whether or not you actually have the flu.

And FYI – there is an over the counter and a prescription Tamiflu. You want the prescription one!!! Not the one that you buy on your own. Go to the doctor if you have the flu!! I didn’t think that there was any medicine that could help but there is and I’ve taken it and I am so happy that I did.

Fever, night sweats, BODY PAINS — all gone after first two pills. Look… I’m still weak and tired BUT I am functioning and pain free.

I’m writing this so hopefully you read this and think about going to get help if you happen to get the flu over the coming years. There is something you can do. You don’t just have to wait it out. I didn’t know about Tamiflu — so I wanted to put it on your radar in case you didn’t either. 🙂

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