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My family went to a christening party this weekend while I was away on a business trip. I was so upset to miss this party and told my husband to keep sending me pictures of the kids having fun. This was one of the shots he sent and I just about started to cry with tears of joy.

Oh how I love this boy. He is just so HAPPY all the time.

That’s a third baby for you — I’m learning this. They truly just roll with it. Always smiling. Always laughing. Always laid back.

And when he scrunches up his nose like that, Caleb makes me crumble. I love him to pieces. My little sunshine.

On my flight home, I kept looking at this picture. Made me smile every single time I did. I got home close to midnight so I couldn’t wake my babies up. But as soon as I heard a peep the next morning, I jumped into their beds and covered them in kisses. And my little man gave me this exact smile when I did.

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