Once a year, my friends and I go away to a spa for a night of bliss and relaxation.  We’ve done it several years in a row and it’s a trip that I look forward to time and time again. Our husbands’ give us this little treat as our Mother’s Day gift. Two days to ourselves with nothing to do but get to our facial appointments on time.

Yup… sheer happiness.

Well, the trip is right around the corner. Literally! We had to go a little early this year because of schedule conflicts and I cannot WAIT. I am days away from being in a robe for 48 hours straight. Oh my goodness — I can’t control myself!!

It’s the best Mother’s Day Present EVERRRRRRRRRR. And my best friend Audrey is coming to boot! Can’t wait to introduce her to all my friends. We are going to have such a great time. 🙂

Stay tuned for lots of pics!

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