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Spring Has Sprung! FINALLY!!!!! This winter was …. TERRIBLE. My goodness. Now that the weather has finally started to play nice, I started to clean my house and get things in order. I’m opening up my front door, cracking open my windows and letting some sunshine back in folks. And it feels GREAT!

My house needs a little TLC – especially with all the snow, sand, and dirt that got tracked in by the kids and dogs. Yes, my entire house needs a “once over” and Tide Oxi Multi-Purpose Stain Remover is going to help me out with this. It is the first-ever Tide product designed to be used inside and outside the wash to help remove tough stains around the house. You know what that means? You can use Tide Oxi Multi-Purpose Stain Remover on a variety of stains and problems!! Actually more than 225 uses in all!

So, where will I be starting? The bathroom!! My bathroom tiles and grout especially need some attention but then I am going to move to my kitchen and front foyer. While I’m doing all of that – of course I will be doing a load of laundry. This is a multi purpose product – you can use it to clean tough stains on clothes too!

Is your patio furniture a mess? Welcome to the club!! I’ll be combating that later on in the month but my best friend Audrey McClelland is tackling that challenge right now. We’re working on this Spring Cleaning test together.

So, what’s so great about Tide Oxi Multi-Purpose Stain Remover?

It can be used as an additive to provide a boost to a favorite Tide detergent, and can be mixed with water to make a cleaning solution for use almost anywhere around the home.

There’s more than 225 uses throughout the home, it is a true multi-purpose cleaner.

It cleans many surfaces, including tile and grout, bathtubs, upholstery, countertops, carpet — even patio furniture. And remember — when used as an additive to detergent, Tide Oxi provides better stain removal and brightens whites and colors. It won’t ruin clothes like other Oxi products.

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Looking for a coupon? Visit to snag a $2 off Tide Oxi Multi-Purpose Stain Remover coupon right now!!

Tide Oxi Multi-Purpose Stain Remover is available at retailers across the United States. To learn more about the power of Tide Oxi, visit here. What are your spring cleaning plans?!

Join in the conversation next week as we kick off the Tackle with Tide Spring Cleaning Challenge Week with a Twitter Chat on Monday (3/31) from 8:30-9:30pm EST!  You can follow along using the hashtag #TacklewithTide. We’ll be giving away some great prizes of Tide products! Then starting Tuesday, we’ll be tweeting our toughest Spring Clean Challenges and asking you to send us pics of how you tackle those challenges using Tide. Five people will be selected daily to receive a gift basket of Tide products and one grand prize winner will receive a spring clean-up from Tide!

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