My little ones never really took to baby carriers. I’ve tried several brands and they never enjoyed being in them. So, with my second almost reaching two years of age, I thought why bother? After all, she’s 25lbs already and a solid baby at that.

I’ve always found the baby carriers stiff… not moulding to my children. They could never get their head rested enough to be comfortable. Either their faces were plastered against my body or 1/2 their faces were covered if they were worn forward facing.

Then I attended the Ergobaby 4 Position 360 Carrier launch. I thought why not? A great event and at the American Museum of Natural History – bonus!

I was pleasantly surprised by Ergobaby‘s new carrier.

The fabric is much softer than the carriers I currently have, both the inner and outer fabric. Soft cotton fabric means it’s not harsh against their soft skin.


Even though the fabric is soft, there is still some structure in the carrier to assist the baby in sitting appropriately because the 360 is made to be ergonomic. The design of the bucket seat supports your baby in a well seated position that supporters their spine.


I can use it with my lil lady even at 25lbs via the hip and back carry positions. I had her seated in the front carry outward position and she was pretty happy.


The padded shoulders and the waist band support were comfortable and I didn’t feel tired even after 1-1/2 hours. In my other carriers, I was tired after 30 minutes.

Here’s a great photo of the points of the new 360 carrier from the Ergobaby website:


  • STRUCTURED BUCKET SEAT – Keeps baby ergonomically seated in all 4 positions, with knees even to or above hips, with baby’s spine in curved “C” position. Button adjustments let parents adapt the seat width to the baby’s size & position.
  • EXTRA WIDE VELCRO WAISTBAND – Exceptionally comfortable waistband can be worn high or low on the waist depending on preference and provides extra support for the low back.
  • EXTENDABLE BACK PANEL – Can be rolled down for front-outward, or upwards for the inward facing positions to provide extra head, neck and back support for baby.
  • PADDED SHOULDER STRAPS – Helps evenly distribute baby’s weight in combination with the wide waistband to maximize parent comfort.
  • SLEEPING HOOD – Provides support for baby’s head while sleeping, protection from sun and added privacy while nursing. A parent favorite features.

My husband tried on the carrier also and found comfortable also.

Ultimately, with four ways to wear your baby, the Ergobaby is versatile and a great investment. Especially since there’s an infant insert available which means you can use it from 0-33lbs.


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