Dry Bar Blow Out Hair StyleI have been getting my hair done at Dry Bar for several years now. In fact, every single time I go into the city for an event that needs some styling, this is my brand of choice.

Why? It’s simple. They do amazing work and they are located all over NYC. It was always the easiest solution for me when I needed something other than straight and body-less. You know… my typical do. After every appointment, I’d tell my stylist that they should open up a salon in Long Island. Not that my advice really meant anything – but I HAD TO SAY SOMETHING!! I mean – imagine having this hair care line and all those magic fingers just a few miles away from your house?

Dry Bar Blow Out Hair Style

Well, the wait was long but it happened party people! Dry Bar opened in Roslyn, Long Island. I’m talking a few miles from my house. I’m talking the danger zone people. The “I’ll be right back” zone. The “Bill will always know where to find me now because where else would I possibly be?” zone.

PS – there are DRY BARS THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY!! Not just NY! Check the map and see if one is near you!

You can make your appointment online which is a MEGA bonus if you ask me. I am a digital girl and while I still like using the phone – I will take an automated service every single time. You need to talk to someone? They have that too!

The salons look the same which means you know exactly what you are getting each and every time at Dry Bar. It’s chic and adorable and their product line smells like heaven.


Dry Bar Blow Out Hair Style

Did I mention a complimentary (non-alcoholic) drink when you check in? And cookies and sweets at the front desk to munch on whenever you are getting assistance? Another mini-cookie? WHY NOT!

The whole process takes about an hour for me and I have very long / thick hair. There are movies playing on two huge screens for your enjoyment AND there are chargers for your PHONES right by the styling chair. BLISS.
Dry Bar Blow Out Hair Style

I just LOVE Dry Bar.

The menu is so simple. It consists of a handful of styles – I love the Mai Tai. But you can also talk to your Dry Bar stylist and tell them what you had in mind.

Have little kids? There is a price for them.

Want an up-do? They do that too.

Want a haircut or color? Wrong place!! This is the DRY BAR party people. Scissors and bleach need not apply.

Dry Bar Blow Out Hair Style

I have been testing out several products from their hair care line and I have to say my absolute favorite ones are the Gold Mine and the Detox Dry Shampoo. The Dry Bar Texas Tea shampoo works great and every time I use it I take a deep breath in because it reminds me of the salon. I told you I had an addiction…

But I also should let you know that I already owned the lemon drop brush and shower cap. You will not find a better shower cap than this one folks. It’s lined and thick and is PERFECT for when you want to just take a body shower. OBSESSED. I give it out as birthday gifts! That’s how serious I am.

For more information about the Dry Bar, visit their website. Book your appointment today! You will fall in love with the experience and become a lifer like me – I PROMISE!

Dry Bar Blow Out Hair Style

* received complimentary blow out at new Roslyn location but have been a HUGE brand fan for years.

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