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I went to a bridal shower over the weekend and they had the most amazing guest book idea EVER. Instead of the usual, they passed around this thumbprint tree. Guests got to pick one of three ink colors and plop their mark on a branch. Then we signed our names once our print dried. Don’t you LOVE THIS!?

I was DYING!!

This is definitely a keepsake I wouldn’t mind hanging on my wall as a new bride. Every time you pass it in your hall, you’ll be reminded of your special day. Really sweet.

In case you have a bridal or baby shower coming up, I had to post this picture!! Consider the thumbprint tree keepsake instead of the traditional guest book for the official sign in. Or do both if you are looking for a little message from each guest as well.

PS If you want a tree that is a little fancier, check this one out.

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