mom and baby


I had a pretty jam packed weekend but my little boy was sick. So, I had to stay back a bit and give him a rest instead of dragging him all around town. My husband took the other two all over the place and I stayed home with my baby and just enjoyed some peace and quiet. And you know what? We loved it. He sat on me for hours and we just watched TV. After being away for a few days, it was exactly what the doctor ordered *for the both of us*!

Runny nose and a mild fever, Caleb never stopped smiling. I just love that about him. I don’t want to forget this personality trait. Truly hope he keeps it for his lifetime!!!

This week, it’s all about birthdays! Natalie turns 10 on Wednesday. Liam and Natalie both have their school birthday parties in class and then we have a friend birthday on Saturday for my girl. Bring on the fun!

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