This is ridiculous. While flying on a small plane in Egypt, a TV crew decided to prank Paris Hilton and make her believe that the plane was going to CRASH. How did they do that? They filled the plane with actors who were in on the joke and had the pilot drop the plane and aim it towards the ground several times to simulate the fact that he had lost control of the machine.

She was NATURALLY hysterical and freaking out.

But here’s the thing… what if the prank went wrong and Paris Hilton actually DIED? How far are we going to go to get a good rise for reality TV? I think this prank is disgusting and is a great indicator that it’s time to RESET this culture.

I mean, now we are messing with LIVES… without people’s consent.

Sure, there are shows out there that place people in the middle of the jungle and ask them to survive for 40 days naked while standing on one foot. BUT THEY SIGN UP FOR THAT. Paris Hilton was just taking a ride on a plane and that plane was practically B LINING IT TO THE GROUND FOR shi**s and giggles. Hey! As long as it makes good TV, right? Makes me want to vomit.

I hope Paris sues them!!

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