Of course, it’s January. So NATURALLY, I am talking about workout routines. Sigh – I am so damn predictable. Listen, that’s where my head is so you will just have to forgive me. I’ve been trying to research some free options to lean on because I’m so not ready to head back to the gym. In fact, I’ve learned (for the 17th time) that I am just not a gym person. It is what it is.

Instead, I found some free YouTube channels that are packed with free content. If you are someone who needs a little variety, I found several instructors to get you started.


Free YouTube Workout Channels You Can Do At Home

PopSugar Fitness

Tone It Up

Fitness Blender (she’s constantly out of breath – but it’s a good workout)

Be Fit


Now, understand what I am saying. This is a “no excuse” work out. Right after you read this post, you should get on the floor and start working out. You don’t need to get in the car, put on some makeup, find a parking spot, and find your membership card. Oh no! You literally just need to drip down from the couch onto the floor, place your laptop in front of you and start lifting your leg.

Come on girl! Lift with me!

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