Watches can truly add that final touch to any outfit. It’s that last piece that any woman adds when firming up her look before heading out the door. There are so many different factors that can go into selecting a new piece. Is it chic? Is it her style? Is it on trend? The answer has to be yes to all of these questions to even PROCEED to level two – the real nitty gritty. What factors does she need from a watch to truly want to call it her own? I found a brand that gave me things I didn’t even know I wanted!

Solar powered. Isn’t that amazing?!  I mean… yes, I love the fact that Q&Q SmileSolar watches are water resistant, eco-friendly, lightweight, and affordable. But solar powered?! WHAT?! How many tech accessories do I own that are powered by the S-U-N? None. That’s how many! We are actually thinking about getting solar panels for our roof. So, I appreciate that the watches I’ve been wearing lately have the same concept at its core.  A single charge from the sun keeps these watches operational for up to 3.5 months!


During the holidays, I was running around like crazy. Heading from one party to the next. Grabbing my family and figuring out a very chaotic schedule as we tried to squeeze as many festivities into the day as possible. I added Q&Q SmileSolar watches to the mix and it was so easy to do. No matter what I wore, one of the pieces I had made sense. Exactly what I needed when I was stretched a bit too thin.


Whether I was catching up with my mother on the phone, hosting a holiday party for my family, trekking into the city to see Santa at Macy’s on 34th street or grabbing some hot chocolate at night with the kids, I did it in style. A lot of people are focused on accomplishing things during the holidays, but my favorite moments are the quiet ones with the children.


Or should I say… the not so quiet ones!


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The Solar Powered Q&Q SmileSolar Watch: Time Well Spent This Holiday Season #smileqandq (Plus Giveaway)

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