The Bulletproof Coffee Experience

Are you a drag? I don’t mean someone that is boring. I mean someone who can’t make it through their day because of all the crashes you feel from what you consume. Too much sugar. Not enough caffeine. The ups and downs of our day to day diets can truly cause havoc on our systems. And if you are like me – someone with an autoimmune disease – maintaining energy levels for long periods of time can be a true challenge. I was tired of that daily grind. I was tired of always needing a crutch and feeling awful after that crutch wore off. I knew that I needed to turn to my diet to change things around and after some research I found my way to Bulletproof Coffee.

The process is simple enough. You need a blender and a few ingredients from the Bulletproof website. For my morning cup of Joe, I use the following products:

The process is simple. You add boiling water and a mixture of the above products to your blender. Combine for 20-30 seconds and enjoy. What does this coffee mixture offer than others do not? More energy, better focus, and an overall feeling of improved health. I will tell you that the impact is pretty quick. You don’t have to wait several weeks to feel the results. I felt more energized in just a matter of days and as a mom of three who runs a full-time business from home… well, that was everything!!!

Nothing feels out of sorts for me either. Adding Bulletproof coffee to my world was as simple as making a cup of joe. I try to have one a day – every morning  – before I get my hustle on and having that overall positive mind sensation has really made a difference. Clarity is key. I understand this now. It’s all about those healthy fats!

But Bulletproof doesn’t just stop at coffee. Oh no! There are even these amazing protein bars that give you just enough punch to get you through to your next meal. Yes, they would be great for someone who finished a hard workout at the gym, but they are also good for the mom on the go. I need an extra boost in between meals as well.

If you are curious, my personal favorite is the Lemon Cookies. Although Bill has a preference for the Fudge Brownies

For those of you who are always on the go, you can carry along the InstaMix packets which include your grass fed butter and brain octane oil. The system travels – so there are no excuses!

Do you need a blender? Absolutely not. As long as you can shake up your coffee and give it a good mix, you will be good to go. 

If you are going to have coffee, it should make you feel good. I didn’t even know that was an option before checking out Bulletproof. This company wants you to live a healthy lifestyle. They want you to wake up every morning feeling good, refreshed, and ready to tackle your day. The concept doesn’t stop with snacks, bars, and coffee. There’s even a food roadmap for you to check out. Talk about a complete lifestyle adjustment. I’ve really been enjoying learning about their methodologies. The beauty of the Bulletproof concept is you could do as little or as much as you’d like. It’s entirely up to you. Of course, to feel the full effect and benefit of the coffee, you should include the brain octane and ghee. But if you wanted to start out slow, you could also just switch to their coffee brand and see how that makes you feel. Small steps or massive leaps – that’s up to you!

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