My kids at the orchid exhibit

Yesterday, the family headed to the NY Botanical Garden to see the Orchid Show. Can I make a really quick confession? I NEVER visited the NYBG before! I mean… I grew up in NYC and I can’t believe that Sunday was my very first visit. Truth be told, I have massive allergies and I was always afraid of how I would react to the grounds. What a waste of the last 39 years! 

The family truly enjoyed what we saw! So many unbelievable colors and shapes. It was freezing outside, but the Orchid Show felt like a tropical paradise.

If you head to the children’s area of the Botanical Gardens, there are so many hands-on activities that they can do. Natalie and Liam made bird’s nests.

Nothing beats puppet theatre. Naturally, the boys were fighting to the death and Natalie was doing more of a ‘Romeo and Juliet’ sort of thing. LOL!

Photo opp with the girl spider … thing. 🙂

I have to say, heading to the Botanical Gardens was a nice twist. We, as a society, tend to move away from nature… especially those confined within the realms of city living. I needed this. WE needed this. And after is was all over, we started discussing ways to incorporate more of it into our lives. 

Now that the kids are a bit older, they were begging to be on camera duty! We didn’t complain. I mean… when was the last time we had a photo of just me and my husband.

As far as my outfit is concerned, this sweater is from Cabi and no longer available.

But here are some variations of my gray sweater (all above options here)  that you can check out. I paired my top with ripped skinny jeans and knee high black boots. You can’t see my necklace from this angle, but here’s a great option.

We had such a great time together and I was so happy that we FINALLY made it to the NY Botanical Gardens. If you are ever in the NY area, be sure to head over for some floral fun.

Oh! While we were there – guess who we ran into??? The Smurfs!! How exciting!!! Their new movie, Smurfs: The Lost Village, is now in theatres!

Best friends Smurfette (Demi Lovato), Brainy (Danny Pudi), Clumsy (Jack McBrayer) and Hefty (Joe Manganiello) use a special map that guides them through the Forbidden Forest, an enchanted wonderland that’s filled with magical creatures. Their adventure leads them on a course to discover the biggest secret in Smurf history as they race against time and the evil wizard Gargamel (Rainn Wilson) to find a mysterious village.

Have you been to the NY Botanical Gardens before? Planning on seeing the Smurfs Movie this weekend? My kids cannot wait to get tickets!

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