The family and I took a trip to Carver, Massachutus to visit Edaville USA.  My son, Caleb, is such a fan of Thomas and Friends! It only made sense that we’d make an overnight adventure to surprise him. Bill and I didn’t really know what to expect. When we arrived, we found hours of fun – between rollercoasters, spin rides, and arcade games, you can’t help but walk around with a smile all day long. The kids were running from place to place and we were trying our hardest to KEEP UP!

Address: 5 Pine Street, South Carver, MA

Parking is always FREE!

Do you have any Thomas the Engine fans in your house? Edaville USA is a place NOT to be missed. 

The trip is only a few hours away if you live in NYC or Long Island which means that it’s totally a breeze! A quick overnight stay away from home felt like so much more because it was jam-packed with adventure.

Edaville greets you with an oversized arch which made the kids feel like they were walking into something special. And they were right! Just look at how the town is set up. Before we even got NEAR the rides, I started to enjoy myself.

I loved all the details, right?! If you can, schedule a visit during the holiday season. Supposedly, they really do this area UP for Christmas!!!

We had to stop for the bathrooms before we hit the rides and found a nice little surprise. Bumper cars, arcade games and more! The kids had fun bumping around with DAD. Check out our diary video to see them in action. 🙂

Once we were all ready to roll,  we raced right to Thomas the Train. You can hop on board and ride him. HOW FUN!!!!

I think this was Caleb’s favorite part of the day! We waited in line for a few minutes and then rode around for a while INSIDE THOMAS. AHHHHHHH. Caleb was in his glory.

Each child gets tickets to ride which weren’t real and actually just part of the act. Caleb held onto them for dear life. He really wanted to get on! LOL 

Is this a happy camper or WHAT?

After we hopped off Thomas, we headed to the rides — look at some of the fun types that are available in Thomas Land.

Then we stopped and saw a little show – including Thomas and his friends. Right in the beginning, all the little kids got called up to help out and dance. Again, the boy was SO HAPPY.

Once the break was over, we headed right back for some more rides.

There aren’t many water rides, but the kids did find a Firefighter one. Even I got a little splashed while waiting for them to come off. Edaville USA truly has something for everyone.

Even a sweet shop!!!


I loved the Sweet Shop because they had old fashioned options — it wasn’t any of the new stuff. A very old school feel. Everyone walked away with something.

The fun wasn’t over — there was one more place to visit inside of Edaville, USA. It had just opened a few days before we arrived. DINOLAND. Everything moved and the walk was easy and simple. A nice little loop to end a great day.



Have you been to Edaville USA before? Do you have any Thomas the Tank fans in your house? Looking for an overnight trip for the kids? This one is for you!!!

For more information, visit Edaville USA.

*company provided tickets for review.

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