YouTube Thumbnails

YouTube thumbnails are key to getting views in the sea of videos out there. Yesterday, I put out a request to see if someone in my network would make thumbnails for my new eBay reselling YouTube channel with Audrey McClelland. I am REALLY focusing a lot of effort on that channel because I truly believe in the niche. After reading a little bit about what makes a YouTube channel stand out, I realized that thumbnails were critical.

DUH! Right?

Well, I put a request and I got an average of about $3- $5 a thumbnail. That is super pricey if you think about it. We have 100 videos or so already and we just got started. We can’t AFFORD that kind of money right now considering we aren’t even monetizing it. So, I fished around and realized that I could probably just do it on my own if I sat down and invested in the time.

YouTube Thumbnails are Actually Pretty Easy

While watching an hour long program IN BED, I did about 30 or so – mindlessly. The hardest part was mixing things up. If I wanted to be consistent and have the same themed image on every single one of my videos, I could have done the entire channel in about 90 minutes. But I didn’t want to be boring and that monotone. So, it was more about me just looking around and trying to be cute. My creativity kept getting in the way. That’s ok. This push will be fixed by the end of the week and then once a day I will just have to go in and create an image going forward. Not painful. Not painful at all.

So, if you still aren’t making YouTube thumbnails for your videos, I want to tell you to please reconsider. It’s really not that much work. All you have to do is use is head on over to Canva and check out their YouTube thumbnail section. YES, THERE IS A SECTION! Choose a graphic from your video, pop it in, and write some text. BOOM. DONE.

And listen, while I have you, be sure to follow Side Hustle Resellers on YouTube! We are having so much fun over there talking about how we make extra money selling goods online using eBay and Amazon.

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