Anyone else just so sick of the iPads? I am just so tired of watching my kids grab for their small screens the nanosecond they wake up. Talk about an addiction! Well, we are trying to cut the cord this year – especially since school is now in full swing. I am bringing in different options for my little ones to engage with. It’s all about giving them an alternative to those darn apps.

Are you looking for an inspiration list for your kids? Great news! I’ve put together 50 ideas to get them started.

50 Things Your Kids Can Do Besides Play On The IPad

  1. Puzzles
  2. Head to the park
  3. Cook something simple
  4. Make a fort
  5. Clean their rooms
  6. Stargaze
  7. Set up a campsite out in the backyard
  8. Create a relay race
  9. Minute to Win it race
  10. Play Simon Says
  11. Pillow fight
  12. Make cutouts – depending on what season you are in determines the theme
  13. Board games
  14. Write a letter to a friend or family member
  15. Puzzles
  16. Play I Spy
  17. Start a friendship bracelet collection
  18. Legos
  19. Word searches
  20. Write your own story
  21. Play Simon Says
  22. Biking with friends
  23. Head to the park
  24. Set up family movie night
  25. Visit the library
  26. Flashlight tag
  27. Make handmade puppets
  28. Create a new drink
  29. Scavenger hunt
  30. Lemonade stand
  31. Color with sidewalk chalk
  32. Arts and crafts project
  33. Slime – if allowed in house
  34. Make a bird feeder
  35. Celebrate an unbirthday for a sibling
  36. Shadow puppet show
  37. Go on a nature walk
  38. Dance party
  39. Singing contest
  40. Start a blessings jar
  41. Wash the family car
  42. Play dress up in mom and dad’s closet
  43. Start a book club
  44. Catch bugs outside – then set them free
  45. Learn new magic tricks – put on a show
  46. Play a card game
  47. Paint a picture
  48. Draw portraits with a blindfold on
  49.  Take a bubble bath
  50. Fly a kite

What do you think about my suggestions list? Do you have any boredom busters that you’d like to share? Would love to hear!

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