I wish I was a mom that enjoyed being on the field. I went on Saturday to support my son during his first game of the season and I ended up with a two-day migraine. Baking in the sun does not work with my body. I don’t know what I am watching. I could barely figure out what side our goal was on. I didn’t know what kind of things to call out. Both kids were wearing a shade of blue… so I couldn’t even call out, “Go Blue!” So, what did I do? I just sat there and caught up with my grandmother.

Of course, I wanted my son’s team to win. Of course, I enjoyed it when he was on the field. It was actually his best game YET. I was proud of him. He really pushed himself. I acknowledged all of that after it was over. But I thought about all the parents out there who spend an entire day on the field because they have multiple children in multiple sports and I just couldn’t imagine it. I mean, I literally wouldn’t do it. 

I grew up with no sports in my life. It’s not an excuse – but I don’t have any passion for it. I watch because Liam loves it. I watch because I love Liam. But…. if it rained every Saturday for the next 14 weeks, I wouldn’t be upset. What does that say about it? I’m a horrible person. I know. But I’m also an honest person. I just don’t like being on the field. I am not defined by my son’s jersey. I don’t need my son’s jersey to meet friends. I already have some pretty solid girls in my life. It’s an hour of fun for him and I support that – but it stops there. Another motherly duty I suppose.

Sometimes I feel like I am the only one that feels this way. My town is so OBSESSED with sports OMG. NYC is just nothing like where I live. Astoria doesn’t even have a soccer field. LOL! I think we got our first track when I was in high school. We had tennis courts but you had to pay to use them and be a member of a club. Or at least that’s what my mother told me.

It was basketball and wall ball. That’s all I ever knew. No one ever went jogging or cycling or played lacrosse. I literally didn’t even know that sport existed until 10 years ago. When I first heard about lacross, I was like….” la what?????????”

I am a slow learner. This is all so far removed from who I am. It’s good that my kids are into it though. I acknowledge the benefits of the team sport. I truly do. Caleb will probably end up playing more because we have grown comfortable with this new way of living. Yes, I have to do this all over again when my third child grows up. I guess if I wasn’t doing this on an early Saturday morning, I would be driving out East with my husband sightseeing. There are no lazy Saturdays in my household. I can’t ever just lay on the couch and exist at home. Someone always has something and when we don’t, then Bill kicks in. So, I guess I will take the field for the fall because it will save me from 4-hour car rides to nowhere. Who knows? Maybe by game four, I will figure out which side of the field I should be rooting for…

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