We have another Buy or Bye review up for grabs! This time, I tested out the the JuvaLips Lip Plumping system. Now, usually with our Buy or Bye videos, my daughter and I are both involved. HOWEVER, because I was testing out JuvaLips – which is a lip plumping system – I decided to do this one on my own. There’s no reason why she should be discussing lip injections and lip plumping at 12 years old. I want her to stay as young as possible for as long as possible! BUT moving forward, most videos will be of the two of us – as promised! Back to JuvaLips!!

JuvaLips promises to plump your lips without using any injections. Basically, the machine uses SUCTION to pull your top and bottom lip into the machine and works on them for about 60 seconds.

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I tested the JuvaLips Lip Plumping system on our new Buy Or Bye Channel and the results are in! Check out the video to see the entire reaction and let me know what you think about my results.

After seeing the impact that the JuvaLips Lip Plumping system, would you purchase this tool? Is it a BUY or a BYE for you?


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