This Thanksgiving, consider the following prayers to help open up your meal with family and friends. Thanksgiving prayers can sound like pretty much anything you want, of course! However, if you are looking for some guidance, I wanted to share with you the Thanksgiving prayers I found online. Each have their own sound that you could repeat verbatim or alter as needed.

Church has become such a priority for my family in 2017. That wasn’t always the way. It took us a while to get back into the groove, but now I am happy to say that the children have developed such a personal relationship with the Lord. We couldn’t ask for anything more.

When my husband and I married and headed to Hawaii for our honeymoon, Bill actually found a nearby church when Sunday rolled around and attended mass. I didn’t go with him if I am being honest with you because I was so upset that he wouldn’t give up his tradition while we were trying to make new ones of our own. Many years later, I see that commitment to God is one of the many reasons why I married that man. I was so young and selfish at the time and today, I look back on that memory fondly instead of with a bitter taste. Yes, it took me a while, but I have come around full swing.

My relationship with the church has been tumultuous, to say the least. In High School, I experienced something that I will never forget and it truly turned me off from the “establishment.” Only through children and through my marriage have I found my way back to the Lord. I always maintained a relationship with him, but I never physically engaged in any masses or gatherings to spite a church that I believed let me down.

Twenty years of healing and now I can say that we attend both Catholic and Lutheran mass.  As if that wasn’t enough, my daughter also sings in an Episcopalian choir every other week. Needless to say, we find ourselves in a variety of churches all month long! Who would have thought – me… the girl who decided to shun all priests and sacraments – would find herself fully emerged in Christianity once again. Thank God for that…

This Thanksgiving, as we do with every meal (or truly try to do), we wanted to have a Thanksgiving prayer that summed up all of our thanks. In case you were in the market for some ideas, I’ve attached what I came across online for your review.

Thanksgiving Prayers For The Family


What Thanksgiving prayers do you have in mind for the upcoming holiday? Who usually starts off the festivities? Do you have a specific family member that holds the title? Is it the eldest? The youngest? Would love to hear.

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