Fun Fall Turkey Suckers

I love a good Thanksgiving DIY craft. This is actually my husband’s favorite holiday because there are no gifts involved. It’s truly about being with your family on that special day. So, to be able to extend the joys of Thanksgiving into the regular week WORKS for us! This is a great craft to do with the kids. You can make enough for them to bring in for their class. Or you can use them as plate decorations for your upcoming feast. Up to you! Either way, it’s a fun opportunity to get the kids involved and to feel included in the holiday prep.

Here’s how to get started on these Fun Fall Turkey Suckers. 

What’s Needed

  • 12”x 8” Piece of Burlap
  • 6 Dum Dum Suckers
  • 1 Small Piece Orange Felt
  • Cardstock Paper—red, purple, blue, orange, yellow, blue
  • Googly EyesEmbroidery Floss—6 assorted colors
  • Glue
  • Red Yarn or String


1. Cut 6 squares from the burlap that are 4” square.
2. Cut pieces of the embroidery thread about 12” long, making sure to cut 2 of each color.
3. Cut 6 tiny triangle beaks from the orange felt, and cut 6 pieces from the red yarn about ¼” each.
4. Cut 24 small feathers from the cardstock, 4 of each color. I made my feathers about 2” long.
5. Now wrap a piece of the burlap over a sucker and tie it tightly with 2 pieces of the embroidery thread. Knot it and tie a little bow, and trim off the excess.
6. Glue 2 googly eyes, a beak, and a little wattle on each sucker.
7. Glue 4 feathers of different color together in a fan shape, then glue onto the back of each sucker.
8. Let the suckers set so everything can dry for about an hour.
9. Cute and fun fall treat!


Easy enough, right?

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