I just love this Abercrombie & Fitch Snap Popover. It is super comfortable and comes in a variety of colors! Looking back, I should have opted for a smaller size. I bought a LARGE because I wanted to pretty much SLEEP in this thing… but I acknowledge that this sort of hangs on me. Meh… doesn’t matter. I still love this popover so HARD.

If you are more into color and want to stay away from grey, I have great news. You will find colors like green and pink available for you here. Lots of great options. I might go back and get another to be honest with you.

The neck is what really drew me in. I love that it folds over and exposes some of your collarbone. I know that winter is all about being layered up, but I still like to look a little feminine at all times. Besides, you can show off your favorite necklace because of that drop. 🙂

Do you own something that you love to wear that feels like a blanket? I never want to take this off!

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