We always like to get the kids something special for every holiday. Sure, we surprise them with a few sweet treats, but I especially like to consider the upcoming theme and then purchase something that is functional for them to us. For example, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I thought one of these water bottles would be perfect for Natalie. If you have a tween or teen girl in your life, consider one of these pink options to add to your gift from the heart.


Infrared Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

500 Rose Gold Tutu 16-Ounce Glass Water Bottle

Bkr ‘Heart’ Glass Water Bottle Set

Sunnylife Pink Dogwood Water Bottle

I cannot tell you how many Swell bottles we own. An insane amount! Is that a number?! LOL! But we also have a few of the BKR bottles and I like them a LOT. Easy to clean and grip. I might snag this heart set for me and my girl. I have a feeling she will love the matchy-matchy concept that I’m going for. She’s 12 going on 20… but always a kid at heart.

What do you usually get your kids for Valentine’s Day? When I was little, my grandfather used to buy me a gigantic heart filled with chocolate. I couldn’t even hold it! It was my favorite thing to get all year.  It looked like he was giving me all of his love. I still think of him every Valentine’s Day even though I lost him when I was just 16. As silly as that gift was, it meant the world to me.

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